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“I help people to want more, be more, and place their life on the fast track to personal and professional growth. By sharing my story, experiences, and lessons learned through videos and articles I am able to show people what happens when you mix Grit + Dedication.

I waited two years to apply to Accenture. I didn’t trust myself.  I felt like I wasn’t ready. And to be honest, I wasn’t.

I had no case experience, I didn’t have any contacts at the company, and I could barely confidently speak in front of a small group of people.

But I used those two years to #PREPARE. I used those two years to gain case experience. To #network with people at the company. To #PRACTICE for the position that I wanted to hold.

Last week I completed my internship at Accenture and the experience I gained was invaluable. The #knowledge I now have will help me greatly as I begin the Kelley School of Business #MSIS program this fall. The relationships that I created, I plan to keep for the rest of my lifetime.

I’m very happy and grateful to announce that I’ve received a full-time job offer in the #Atlanta office.

However, my point is this: 

There is nothing wrong with being #strategic, going through a period of preparation, and ensuring that you are ready to take on the #blessing that you’ve asked for. 


Never underestimate the power of preparation. Never underestimate the power of YOU.

Thanks for a great experience, Accenture.

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Precious Price

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