Mom's Too Frank founder shares her journey in 'I Am Worthy'

I can look at you, any of you, and see your beauty. Your worth. The wonderful attributes, inside and out, that make you, you. But when turning to the mirror I wince, criticize, and insult the “mess” in front of me.

My journey to wellness began with healthy intentions. I wanted to regain my athleticism. I wanted to stop waking up feeling nauseous and sick. I desired energy. Was part of this process going to be losing weight? Yes! But I knew that the cycle of negative talk within me needed to stop and I didn’t want weight loss to be my main focus.

As the scale began to drop I started to hear those voices again. I started to compare my body to the beauties on social media and TV. Why was I ignoring all the progress I was making, the amazing way I felt, the strength I was building?

I thought to myself: what if this is it? What if this is where my body stops changing? What if no matter how strong I get, or how nutritiously I eat, not one more thing on my body moves? Will the self-loathing stop? In that moment, I had my answer. I needed to learn how to love myself in whatever body I was currently residing in. I am worthy of love, no matter what my reflection shows.

The last few weeks I’ve felt the need to begin the healing in this area in my life. Because I can’t bear to think, that ten years from now I’m still standing in front of the mirror hating what I see. I hope that you can join me, in working on quieting that negative self-talk and opening the door to the voice that lifts you up, confirms your worth and celebrates your beauty inside and out.

About The Author:

Desiree is a California native mama, navigating a new life in Columbus, Ohio. Mom’s Too Frank began when she desired an outlet to express herself honestly and authentically, and to share her passions and interests. As well as a chance for readers to take a peek into the sometimes laughable day to day life she leads as a mom of two wild-hearted boys, wife, and essential oil dealer. Visit her online here:


Desiree Elkin

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