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“Don’t Make Me Laugh, I Might Pee My Pants”

Please tell me you’ve heard this before.

Or better yet, “After having a baby, expect to dribble a little when you laugh. Better stock up on those panty liners.”

Pre-baby, you probably looked at those people with wide eyes—maybe shot them a half smile—and politely exited the room. You might have wondered, Will that happen to me, too? followed by a quick dismissal because, hey, you do your Kegels! She must not have been doing them, you think as you Kegel your way out of the bathroom stall.

Next thing you know, after-baby, you’re peeing your pants after just two jumping jacks in your favorite gym class. And you’re humiliated. You instantly blame yourself for not doing more, and you carry that shame with you throughout the rest of the day (and week), politely declining activities you love to do in fear of leaking in public. What’s worse? You start saying things like “don’t make me laugh,” because you’re afraid of not making it to the bathroom in time.

In fact, pelvic health issues are very real after birth for a number of women, yet women are rarely educated on them. And it doesn’t just have to be pelvic weakness. Women can also experience too tight of pelvic floor muscles, as well as other issues leading to physical and mental symptoms. Decreased education and support can result in isolation from social gatherings and intimacy.

In other words, you are not alone. Phew, read that again!

And you can seek help through trained professionals, so that you can heal your body and keep doing the things you love—saying more “yes” instead of “no.”

In the end, you are the owner of your body. You deserve to be educated. You deserve to ask questions. You deserve to challenge the answers.A

A huge thank you to Michele for sharing her words with our community! Michele teaches prenatal and postpartum mamas to connect and reconnect with their bodies and nurture their wellbeing using yoga inspired practices. If you’d like to learn more, you can check out her website here!

If you’ve just had a baby, or you’re expecting, check out this Guide to Urinary Incontinence After Childbirth for urinary incontinence treatment options.

Have some thoughts you’d like to share with Michele? A story to tell about your own pregnancy experience? Advice for our readers? Leave a comment below!

Michele Stapleton

Michele Stapleton

Michele is an Occupational Therapist, Yoga Instructor and creator of Mindful Mama Method, where she offers yoga-based sequences and programs to educate and improve mind body connection for prenatal and postnatal mamas.

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