Depression is rude

Depression is rude.

Never invited

But shows up early

Busting through the wall of my subconscious

Holding me down by my shoulders

Pushing on my chest til I’m short of breath

Bullying me till I cry

Depression asks me what my problem is

And why I even try

Puts pressure on the back of my skull

Sending shooting pains down my spine

Depression gives me migraines

Keeps my ankles chained inside

Depression makes me cancel plans 

And lie about the reasons why

Depression is my imaginary friend

I’m the only one who sees

It’s all in my head they’ve always said

I nod my head, suck it up and agree.

Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Rebecca Victoria Olmos

Rebecca Victoria Olmos is a freelance writer, poet and journalist from the Bay Area, California. She writes about her journey with anxiety and depression through her poetry. Her other favorite topics for writing include cannabis and music. When she's not writing, she's chilling with her dog, Atlas.

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