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The Other Side Podcast: Achea Redd Talks about Stigma of Mental Health in Black Community

A few weeks ago, Achea sat down with Columbus Dispatch staffers Lucas Sullivan and Scot Kirk, co-hosts of The Other Side podcast—a podcast dedicated to discussing important cultural and social issues related to race, gender and equality. In the episode, Achea shares her personal struggles with Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and ...

Season 2 Episode 8- Interview with Mary Conley (pt.2)

Achea: This is part 2 of Ms. Mary Conley of Living LeReve. Last episode we talked about how we knew each other and our husbands and our lives as NBA wives. This episode I want to focus on Living LeReve. So, you are into fashion and this obviously means you ...

Season 2 Episode 7- Interview with Mary Conley (pt. 1)

Achea: We are here today with the young little Noah Conley along with Mary Conley. We have been long time friends and she is now back in the city of Columbus for the summer. Her husband, Michael Conley, plays for the Memphis Grizzlies and has been on the team for ...

Vulnerability with Cris Gulacy-Worrel – Keepin' It Real With Keys

Click here to Listen to my Podcast Episode on This Topic In this episode, Cristina Worrel and I discuss the topic of vulnerability and how it is not always accepted or deemed as something positive by those around us. We explore the notion that not everyone wants to live a ...

Keeping It Real With Keys: Thanksgiving Edition

Hey everybody! I wanted to drop a little note of encouragement to all of my readers as we head into the Thanksgiving holiday. Often in my life, there are things that happen that I don’t like and more often than not I succumb to the temptation of dwelling too long ...

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