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Forgiving Others Is Loving Yourself

My new book, Be Free. Be You., recently hit the shelves (you can purchase yours here!). In it, I discuss how forgiveness is so important to keeping it real and being your most authentic self. Read on for a sneak peek... Forgiveness sometimes gets a bad rap. Many of us ...

Your Dieting is Doing More Harm Than Good (Do This Instead)

A couple of weeks ago, the New York Times ran an opinion piece by Jessica Knoll called “Smash the Wellness Industry.” Knoll argues that “wellness” is just dieting in disguise—”...wellness also contributes to the insulting cultural subtext that women cannot be trusted to make decisions when it comes to our ...

It’s Time to Open Up (And Stay That Way)

Imagine you’re out with your friends for dinner and drinks. In the midst of your second or third cocktail, your BFF mentions how she just started a new, trendy therapy treatment. On the outside, you’re probably congratulating her, wishing her all the best. But on the inside, you might be ...

A Letter from Achea: “I Need to Come Clean…”

That’s it, I admit: I am a worry wart. You could blame it on my anxiety disorder, the way I’m wired or how I was raised—but whatever the reason, that’s what I do...worry. I started Real Girls F.A.R.T. as a blog, initially. I had no idea how it would turn ...

#MeToo Prologue (Part 2)

Last week, guest contributor Karen Robles enlightened us with part 1 of her #MeToo Prologue, discussing the other side of the #MeToo Movement: the men's perspective (and how they can do more). This week, we invited Karen back to the RGF blog for part 2. Read on... Note from the ...

#MeToo Prologue (Part 1)

Real Girls F.A.R.T. is thrilled to welcome a new guest contributor to our blog, Karen Robles! Over two years ago, Karen was diagnosed with clinical depression, and has since embarked on a path to self-discovery and healing. She started her own blog after looking for a new way to connect ...

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