A case of the Monday’s

It’s Sunday night and while lying in bed catching up on the latest episode of “The Good Doctor,” I start to get overwhelmed thinking about the week ahead. So much to do, so many places to go, and people to talk to. Can anyone relate?

Time just flies by on the weekends. I mean it was only Friday, and I can’t even explain the freedom I feel Friday morning. I wake up the same time every day, 5:30 a.m., however on Friday there’s an ease when the alarm goes off on mornings that just doesn’t happen any other day of the week.

What’s interesting though is that the exhilarating freedom I feel on Friday mornings, is equally followed by feelings of anxiety on Sunday night. What’s even more interesting is that this phenomenon happens every week, even though I’ve been around long enough to be used to it. I call this phenomenon “a case of the Mondays, ” and it’s a very common thing to experience. Here’s the good news; I have been at this long enough to come up with a few tips that will possibly help you transition to Monday from the weekend. Here you go:

1) Planning or budgeting your time is everything. So be very intentional about getting errands, chores, homework, etc. done on Saturday. This way, Sunday is indeed a day of rest.

2) Don’t pack Saturday with a bunch of back to back activities. It’s wise just to choose one, so you can do stuff for you and your family. Sometimes having a packed schedule is unavoidable, but try not to make this a habit. The more rest you can get on Sunday the more relaxed your transition to the work/school week will be.

3) Lastly, if you stay up late on the weekends, and find it hard to get back into the routine of going to bed earlier on Sunday night, perhaps you can try a sleep aid or natural remedy.  For example, Melatonin or holy basil can induce relaxation enabling you to sleep at a decent time. Keep in mind; it is recommended to get a good 6-8 hours of sleep.

Hope these help and please feel free to share some of your tips on how you beat the Monday’s. Don’t forget to tune in on Wednesday this week for our live holiday edition of “Keepin’ it Real With Keys”. This week we will be taking a tour through my home to show all of my extra Christmas spirit and how we get down in the Redd household. Hope you all had a great weekend and an even better week! Happy Monday!

Achea Redd

Achea Redd

about the author

Achea Redd is a mental health advocate, author of “Be Free Be You” and founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T. — a space to empower and equip women with the necessary tools to use their voices and become their best, most authentic selves.

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