“A Tough 24 Hours”

A tough 24 hours.

A terrible 72 hours.

A miserable 730 hours.

Sometimes it may feel like you are the target of all things bad.

Like the dark cloud above you is simply blind & has no vision of anyone except for you.

I get it. I’ve been there.

It can be so hard to remain present throughout your struggles. So often, we want to spend a great deal of time at work avoiding those at-home confrontations.

Or even in our phones, indulging in someone else’s reality rather than our own. It’s disguised as productive, but in reality, it is fear.

Remaining present through your struggles means to face them head on. To wake up every day, knowing that things may be hard, but you will challenge yourself to see the good within them. It means having uncomfortable conversations, not only with others but with ourselves. It means accountability. It means honesty.

How foolish would one be to go through their lowest moments, but not use those experiences to learn about themselves? As if our best moments are supposed to teach us everything we should know.

Tough times teach us about strength, love & resilience. Realize what fuels you, motivates you, pushes you & helps your spirit. Recognize what is needed, so that you can let go of what holds you back. Do not let those tough times serve as waste. Remain present through them and use them to your advantage, because although your rain cloud may be present, eventually the pendulum swings.


Paichence Carter

Paichence Carter

My name is Paichence Carter! I am an OSU alum & current grad student, studying Clinical Psychology. In a few years, I hope to be a licensed professional therapist. Recently, I have started a blog called PatienceandPerspective in order to promote vulnerability and honesty. I am so happy to work with a company who’s visions align with mine, RGF is amazing!

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