I’m sure we all remember the Disney movie “Rescuers From Down Under”. I vaguely remember watching it with my younger brothers, but it’s the title that stands out the most. “Rescuer”…hmmm, that’s a word that could cause some mixed feelings. Historically the word rescue has a negative connotation as it relates to women, mainly because women tend to have a desire to save someone or something that may not be good for them. An example of that would be a woman choosing to be with a man who isn’t a good person; a man who’s abusive, controlling, unmotivated, or unkind.

I want to change the narrative for “rescuer”.  In fact, over the last several months, since the anxiety disorder diagnosis, I have fallen head over heels for the word. It’s a word that I feel very closely connected to. I have literally been at my absolute worse where I felt like I was living underneath a heap of garbage and my life was that garbage. But by the grace of God I was able to rise above and overcome it all. It is my belief that once one has overcome, it is then their responsibility and duty to help someone else overcome.

I took it on as a personal mission to rescue others from the fire of the burning house called expectation and perfectionism. I took shame head on to speak out and not be silent. I brought definition to my pain and made the decision not to let it rule me any longer.

God never wastes our experiences and in our pain we find purpose if and only if we are intentional in our suffering. No matter what the situation, you are an overcomer. You too are a RESCUER from down under and like the Phoenix you will rise if you so choose. Take the risk and decide to rise. You are fearlessly authentic, a rescuer and a trailblazer.

Daily Exercise: For the next 30 days I challenge you to declare this mantra over yourself and after the 30 days please email, Direct Message, or Facebook me to tell me how good you are doing. I’d also be happy to pray with you as well. ❤️

Real Girls F.A.R.T. Mantra

I am Fearless, I am Authentic,

I am a Rescuer, I am a Trailblazer

I am Me, I am a Real Girl, and

Real Girls F.A.R.T

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