Not to long ago, my little boy got really ill with some sort of 24 hour stomach bug. I mean he was sick with non stop vomiting for 8 to 12 hours. As with any kid who’s that sick, the feeling you get when throwing up is less than desirable. He was miserable and scared and as a mama bear it was my duty and joy to comfort him through it.

Every time he felt it coming on he would panic, so mommy to the rescue bolted up the stairs into his room and rubbed his back while he vomited. I literally waited on him hand and foot. Anything he needed I brought him and I never thought twice about it.

So as most viruses travel through the family, this one was no different as it worked its way through to my husband. The kids were obviously bummed because all of this took place during spring break while we were in Florida. I tried to care for my husband as much as possible and still be there to entertain the kids. They missed hanging out with their dad, but I took notice of one small yet very important detail…they were so compassionate and loving. My son, who’s 9 years old, says “I want to be there for daddy because he was there for me.” My 6 year old was crying because “she just wanted daddy better.”

Then it hit me, for every time that I ever doubted my parenting, it was then at that moment that I knew I didn’t have to wonder if I was doing a good job. Every night-waking moment was worth it and every time I had to change my day because one of my kids needed me was worth it. You see, we as parents want to raise “good” kids, but it’s on another level to raise godly kids. Kids that are kind, compassionate, loving, selfless, etc. My children’s compassion and concern for someone other than themselves was amazing. Yes, it was their dad; but the humanity and godliness I saw that day was encouraging.

I’m learning that it’s not enough to teach them to be godly, but rather modeling godliness and goodness is the key. We have to be who we want them to become.

It’s not enough to tell them how or what to do, but as parents we must shepherd them. We must lead them. The last thing our kids want is another bible lesson. Don’t get me wrong, they have their place; but what they want and truly need is an example of love shown to them.

Its not enough to provide material goods only as an illustration of love. Investment of time, listening, compassion, and understanding will pay off dividends in the end. Long gone are the days of feeling and acting as if our kids are an inconvience.

They are watching us; every little look, every remark, every action. Why? Because they need someone to emulate and that someone is you. Remember, you are raising little people who will one day become big people. Raise the kind of kids who you’d want to befriend. Raise the kind of kids you’d want to run this country and raise the kind of kids God will be proud of.❤

***This blog is dedicated to all of the overworked, tired parents out there. Know your labor is not in vain!***

What’s your inspirational parenting story? Please share it with me. I’d love to know😊.

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