Season 1

Episode 1 – The Story Behind Real Girls F.A.R.T.
Achea R. Redd and Zanie Hernandez introduce themselves and explain the story behind Real Girls F.A.R.T. – a movement that aims to assist women in finding their path to who they were truly made to be, living that truth out loud, and paying it forward. Achea and Zanie also discuss the stigma that surrounded mental health when they were growing up, and why they feel passionate about empowering women.
Episode 2: Accountability Partners … Are They Overrated?
In this episode of the podcast, Achea and Zanie explain what an accountability partner is, discuss why someone would want one and weigh in on whether or not the entire concept is overrated.
Episode 3: Addressing Seasonal Depression & Anxiety
Achea and Zanie talk about their personal experiences dealing with both seasonal depression and “her ugly sister,” anxiety. Achea describes the supplements she takes in the Winter and weighs in on the possibility of trying out a S.A.D. lamp in the future.
Episode 4: How Much Should a Mom Intervene at School?
Achea, a self-proclaimed “mama bear,” shares her insights regarding how much a mom should intervene with her kids’ issues at school. She talks about teaching your kids to stand up for themselves, and about the difference between assertion and aggression. Achea also stresses the importance of allowing your kids to fail and learn from their mistakes.
Episode 5: Love Languages

Achea talks about the 5 Love Languages, how to understand yours and how to support the special people in your life with theirs.


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