As I said in my earlier post, I’m a recovering perfectionist. So, as a part of my recovery I have tried to read a daily inspiration to help keep my mind focused and out of the realm of self-judgement.

This morning it came out of 1 John 4:16-18. “Perfect love cast out fear.” So in essence if we are walking in fear then perfect, true, unconditional divine-like love isn’t truly working in us. I began thinking about all of the things that I’m fearful of…not pleasing others, others not liking me, rejection, confrontation, etc. I immediately started to think about where I’m falling short, but then realized that’s not the point of this passage of scripture.

It’s to show us that God’s love is big enough and perfect enough to overshadow or remove the imperfections in us. His love is so big that it literally fills us to where nothing else can occupy that space…only His light and love.

Let’s focus our hearts and minds in meditation today on the love of God toward us and asking Him to fill us until all of us exudes all of Him.

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