“For a long time there’s been a stigma associated with mental health. The environment I grew up in didn’t welcome or acknowledge it as a real ailment. People would refer to others w/ more serious mental health issues as crazy or looney. I was taught that depression was from the devil & I needed to pray it away. Anxiety was always said to be a white girl disease. All of these opinions are ludicrous & quite frankly very uneducated. I suffered silently for years & as you know when you hold it in and have no safe zone to discuss these types things you exasperate the situation & ultimately implode. So the conversation not only needs to be had, but also a safe forum or community to discuss, learn, & get healthy. Once we are healthy & society has learned empathy & has a better understanding for people w/ mental health issues, we can help heal others.” – Achea Redd

My name is Achea R. Redd and I am the founder of Real Girls F.A.R.T.®

I started Real Girls F.A.R.T.® because of my recent bout with anxiety/depression disorder. I’ve always had anxiety and depression to a limited degree, but in early 2016, it became very intense and started to affect me physically to the point of almost having a nervous breakdown. I was extremely ashamed and didn’t want to tell anyone, and the anxiety got worse. It wasn’t until I came out and acknowledged the situation I was facing to my loved ones that things started to get better.

After that, I went to my therapist and doctor and received treatment and today here I stand, a completely different person. I started writing and publishing my work publicly on a blog. The flow of support that I received from the community compelled me to start something and create a space that focuses on all things female. We are a lifestyle brand and movement all in one that seeks to foster healthy relationships between men and women, positively affirm, uplift and encourage. We are here to serve as a support network that encourages and empowers women to be F-fearless, A-authentic, a R-rescuer, and a T-trailblazer ~ Real Girls F.A.R.T.®



Willing to take risks and unafraid to fail. Facing life head on.


Unapologetically real; embracing the person you are and who you will become; living your life out loud and transparently.


Helping pull someone else out of the fire of life’s challenges; paying it forward.


Setting the pace for the rest of the world; doing what’s never been done even if it’s hard or seems foolish. Tell me your story

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