My name is Achea R. Redd and I am the owner and CEO of Real Girls F.A.R.T, LLC.

I started Real Girls F.A.R.T. because of my recent bout with anxiety/depression disorder. I’ve always had anxiety and depression to a limited degree, but in early 2016, it became very intense and started to affect me physically to the point of almost having a nervous breakdown.

I was extremely ashamed and didn’t want to tell anyone, and the anxiety got worse. It wasn’t until I came out and acknowledged the situation I was facing to my loved ones that things started to get better. After that, I went to my therapist and doctor and received treatment and today here I stand, a completely different person.

I started writing, and publishing my work publicly, creating #RealGirlsFART.  The flow of support that I received from the community compelled me to start a company that focuses on all things female, with an emphasis on the issue of mental health. We are an inspiring brand coming out with a full line of trinkets that positively affirm, uplift and encourage. Additionally, this organization is meant to serve as a support network that encourages and empowers women to be F-fearless, A-authentic, R-rescuer, and a T-trailblazer ~ Real Girls F.A.R.T.

We are a movement that strives to empower and support women. We are here to help foster healthy relationships between males and females and create an environment that continues to push us all forward.



Willing to take risks and unafraid to fail. Facing life head on.


Unapologetically real; embracing the person you are and who you will become; living your life out loud and transparently.


Helping pull someone else out of the fire of life’s challenges; paying it forward.


Setting the pace for the rest of the world; doing what’s never been done even if it’s hard or seems foolish. Tell me your story

The RGF Team is Growing


Zanie Hernandez – Executive Assistant –



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