This particular post is dedicated to those of you who like to take the easy way out and escape free and clear of any trouble. Well, I’ve got news for you…that’s impossible. Problems, trouble, trials and tribulations are apart of life whether we like it or not. We all have to face them in some way or another.

I don’t like them anymore than the rest of the world, but I’ve learned that they have an unbelievable way of shaping our lives and helping us become the “better” us that we aspire to become. From the little hiccups to the ultra-mega colossal problems, they help us grow.

If we can somehow manage to change our relationship to our problems, we’d be more receptive to the process they take us through. Problems are not merely problems, but an opportunity to learn. Many think they would be happier if only this or if only that. But the fact of the matter is that they wouldn’t. As humans, we strive for growth, the process of becoming, and evolving. You show me a person who has ever been happy being stagnant and I’ll show you someone who isn’t truly alive or someone who is lying about their happiness.

I’m not proposing we go looking for trouble, hoping to run into problems along the way, but rather when they come and they will come, be accepting that,”Yes this sucks, but I’m gonna learn from this. Somehow and someway I’ll grow”. Know that God knows our end from our beginning and though He doesn’t cause trouble, He does allow it. Because out of it He knows He gets the best us possible.

Life is definitely full of ups and downs, ebs and flows, but it be hooves us to go with those flows. Embrace life and all of it’s contradictions: the joy and sorrow, the pain and pleasure, the success and failure, and so on. If we learn to do this and change our perspective, life will become more enjoyable, we will live more peaceful and content lives. As I recently heard someone say, “life will be more of a dance and less of a battle.” Practice the philosophy of acceptance. Dance the dance of life without reservation.

So let’s raise our invisible glasses in the air…here’s to you life. I’m deciding to love and embrace you. I’m deciding to make lemonade from the lemons you give me, and I’m going to let you love me back.❤

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