So many of us think to ourselves if only I had this, or just if I had that, I would be happier. The reality is that you have the ability to have the life you want to have. Happiness is not contingent upon things, but the attitude and frame of reference an individual chooses to live by. Unless there’s some undetected depression or anxiety, happiness or to be happy is most definitely a choice.

Having an attitude of gratefulness is the gateway to true happiness. The next step in that is shifting your thinking to focus on what it right as opposed to what is wrong.

Trust me; I have to remind myself of this daily. I do have some contributing anxiety, but even in that, I’ve decided to consciously do the things that keep me in a bubble of happiness. Are there times the anxiety and depression get in the way? Absolutely, but I stay consistent regardless of the feelings I’m experiencing at that moment.

Wanna hear more on this topic and so many others? Connect with me on my Facebook and Instagram live feeds in addition to the Real Girls F.A.R.T. youtube channel, as I will be discussing some tips that I use to boost my “feel good” hormones naturally. I will also be taking your questions live. So feel free tune in to “Keepin’ it real with Keys” Monday night live edition. I hope to see and hear from you Monday night!

Please also note I will be doing a live feed this weekend as well walking through my home to showcase my latest project… my Christmas decor setup. Have a great weekend all!!!!❤

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