We left off last week discussing the differences between helicopter and meerkat parenting styles.

Helicopter parents, in addition to having a hard time letting their children make their own decisions, also have a difficult time allowing their children resolve conflict their way. Let’s face it, it’s much easier to handle every situation of the battle for them and hope they learn by watching us, but that rarely happens.


In fact, the direct opposite happens. We end up raising either aggressive, passive, or passive-aggressive children who lack the tools to both communicate effectively and resolve conflict appropriately. These traits follow our children into adulthood and rear their ugly heads into even the closest of relationships.


Instead of helicoptering (aka hovering), we as parents should encourage our children to speak their minds with confidence, but with a calm disposition. When there’s a conflict, don’t rush in to “fix it” for them. Hear your child out and help them think of ways to resolve it on their own and when they are ready. I know, I get it you want to rescue, be the hero, but sometimes your kids need to be their own hero.


Your child will feel empowered and confident. This feeling will lend itself to raising an assertive child who understands what they want and how the world should treat them.


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