Over the last several months I’ve contemplated this topic. As a mom of two school-aged children, we are always bombarded with this notion of teaching our kids to turn the other cheek.

When another child attacks our kids, we are told to teach them not to fight back or stand up for themselves, but rather inform a teacher or an adult.

This approach, led me to have a few questions myself; what happens if that doesn’t work? What if another child continuously targets your child and with every interaction, it gets worse? What if the system fails us? What if telling an adult doesn’t help?

I think that me, along with all other moms ask these questions. Are we teaching our kids to be too kind? Are we in some way failing them by not teaching them to stand up for themselves by standing up to bullies?

I was raised to defend myself. Taught that I should never start a fight, but that I should never run from one either. Of course, violence doesn’t solve anything, but should your child or any child for that matter, just stand there if someone is physically aggressive towards them? I think not. I think society has become way too sensitive and that’s what perpetuates bad behavior.

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